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We offer exceptional Spanish instruction that goes beyond just the focus of gaining and improving Spanish-language skills.

We also provide unique opportunities for engaging encounters that allow our participants to connect with other like-minded adults (both in our classes and the community), which in turn enhances experiencing the numerous wonderful elements of Hispanic culture.  Some of these opportunities include: guest presentations by talented and creative Hispanics and native speakers, cultural events such as art exhibits, music concerts, theatrical shows and dance performances, wine-tasting at local Hispanic-themed events, dance classes, cooking classes, Hispanic holiday lessons and celebrations in classes, social dinners, charity dinners and auctions, social evenings out with current and past students, cultural fairs, movie gatherings, theme-events at students’ and instructors’ homes, as well as amazing trips to various Spanish-speaking countries.

La Única has designed and led more than 20 group trips to the following Spanish-speaking countries: Spain (& the Canary Islands), Mexico, Perú, Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, Ecuador (& the Galapagos), Costa Rica & Chile.

Won’t you be part of our La Única family? 
Ongoing classes are $99 per month.

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