I've been a student at La Única for 5 years. I love it. The teachers, Isis and Deborah, are superb and you always feel at home in class. And we are always learning something new. Also there is the opportunity to travel to Spanish speaking countries and learn more about the practical use of the language as well as cultural aspects and history.
Arthur Ladley
Top of the list of things I miss about Tacoma....La Unica! Deborahs classes were so much fun and easy to learn in this setting. Doesn't matter where you are in your learning, there is a place for you!
Bonnie Darling
I attended La Unica for over a year and always looked forward to our class. My Spanish improved quite a bit, and I had fun learning and socializing with others. Bravo Deborah y Isis!
Russ Baker
If you want to learn spanish this is the place to do it! Wonderful fun instructors, with a great knowledge of the language and culture. My husband (who has also taken classes at La Unica) and I have been to Mexico many times and I am so thankful we took these classes first. Being able to communicate in the language of the country you are visiting has such rewards on so many levels.  It is never too late to learn another language, so give La Única a try
Kim Jensen-Ingram
Fantastico teachers and a wonderful/full on/ongoing Spanish Experience. I have been a student for 6 years and the benifits have far surpassed learning how to Sally Plumly communicae in this beautiful language . It has become one of the most fun and fufilling things in my life. Highly recommend it for anyone.
Sally Plumly
Tacoma! Habla espanol? Si no, asiste a La Única!
Brendan and I have been taking Spanish at La Única in Tacoma for about a year now, and we're having a great time. La Única also hosts salsa classes and organizes fabulous tours around the world. Únase a nosotros!
Susan Duis
I consider myself foreign language impaired, and La Única was my breakthrough. The classes are fun and well-targeted to the students' skill levels, and not with boring grammar drills but with practical application in an encouraging environment. I'd recommend these classes to anyone who's serious about learning to speak and understand Spanish.
Allen Cox
Allen Cox
Hola! I started as a beginner Spanish student nine months ago at La Única. From the start, I was impressed with the instructor quality and professionalism. The instruction is geared towards adult learning with progressive steps, lots of review and practice. Other than a small amount of exposure to the German languange in junior high school, this is my first.  It isn't easy for me to learn, but the instructors and classmates are gracious and supportive. It is a fun learning environment and the people are all wonderful!   I am glad I found La Única and my new Spanish-speaking friends.ge in junior high school, this is my first language class. It isn't easy for me to learn but the instructors and my classmates are gracious and supportive. It is a fun learning environment and the people are all wonderful! I am glad I found La Única and my new Spanish speaking friends!
Sheryl Hall
Communicating Spanish workshop Puyallup School District: 
I just have to tell you what a fabulous first class this was! Isis and Deborah are wonderful instructors and their methods are great. I could not believe how much we covered and how much Spanish students were using in the first class session. I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the classes and how much I am learning.
Torie Blanas
Most Wonderful Place to learn spanish! I love La Unica! My recomendations go out to all who would love to learn spanish, have fun, and do interesting things in their lives. Every time I think about La Unica I smile, it's just that GreEAaTtT!!!
Rose Andersen
Tacoma is so lucky to have a place like this! I have the honor of "subbing" when needed at La Unica and I have found that every single person who attends classes here loves it. Great friendships are built here and the classes are fun, well structured, and encouraging to everyone. What are you waiting for??? Sign up already!
Cassie Hilton
La Única is a wonderful environment to learn Spanish and meet new friends! Deborah and Isis are fantastic instructors and the classes are fun! It's a great way to practice your spanish speaking skills or learn from a beginner's perspective. Espectacular!
Martha Smith