Chillin' in Chile 2020

16-27 February 2020
*Flight will likely leave on the 15th
Come join us for our winter 2020 trip to the stunning country of Chile.  For this adventure, we will slow the pace a bit and concentrate on leisure and recreation, particularly alongside the beach.  We will explore Santiago, the wine country and the costal-region surrounding the gorgeous Viña del Mar and Valparaíso where will nourish our souls with the beach, sun, nature, culture, the friendly people, the stunning landscape, and, of course, it’s amazing gastronomy.

16th:  International flight to Santiago
16th, 17th, 18th:  Santiago:​​​​​​

Playa chile
Explore Santiago’s historic area, the famous central market, the bright and colorful street art in the area of Bellavista, take the cable car from there to the top of the San Cristóbal Hill.


19th: Casa Blanca Wine Valley/Viña del Mar:

As we set off from Santiago to Valparaíso we will make our way down the famous “Route 68” that passes through gorgeous and inviting vineyards in the Casa Blanca Valley.  We will stop to visit 2-3 specially selected vineyards to enjoy the stunning scenery, eat lunch, enjoy some incredible wine-tasting, and revel in this valley’s sheer beauty.


20th, 21st:  Viña del Mar

While enjoying our stay at a stunning seaside hotel, we will relish our time exploring this gorgeous costal city while Viña del Mar translates to “Vinyard of the Sea” and is also known as “The Garden of the Sea”.  It boasts 13 enchanting beaches, features amazing architectural attractions, and offers a variety of first-class gastronomic delights.

22nd,23d,24th: Valparaíso

Prepare to be awestruck by this UNESCO World Heritage site!  We will explore the intricate architecture, the stunning colors that dance across the maze of its 42 hills, and the port and fishing wharves, where we will delight in Chile’s eccentric seafaring side.  You will also have downtime to relax on one (or more) of the breath-taking nearby beaches and enjoy some exquisite meals with our group and some of the top locals.


25th: Santiago Dinner/Show

Buenos muchachos
Santiago: Return to Santiago and enjoy the night out with the group for an unforgettable dinner-show featuring some of Chile’s finest food and drink while watching amazing traditional Chilean folklore dances that showcase the different regions of the country.

26th: Cajon del Maipo

We will escape Santiago on this day-trip to enjoy the natural grandeur of the Andes on our day trip to Cajon del Maipo where we will enjoy the splendor of gushing waterfallsicy glaciers, and towering cliffs.

27th:  International flight home
**Please note that there will be several suggested optional activities, such as scuba-diving, surfing, hiking, and golfing.


Trip Details

 **Times are approximate and subject to change **There may be some slight alterations **A More Detailed Itinerary coming soon.
$4195 (please see attached payment plan)
Price of the trip includes:
•             Round-trip airfares
•             Hotel stays (based on double-occupancy)
•             Transport: All airport & hotel transfers, plus all excursion/tour transports
•             Meals: all breakfasts, 6 nice group meals.
•             Excursions, tours & guides.

*You will receive a more detailed itinerary as the trip events get developed and confirmed.

**If you are interested in paying by Credit Card let me know. Our processor charges a 3.4% fee. There is also a payment plan available.  See the Registration form.


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