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Next Intro/Beginners starts Dec 3rd.  Please CLICK HERE: 

The following classes are continually in progress and have been updated as of October  2019 Please browse the list and then read the “important information” below as to how to get started in the one that may best suit you.

Intro/Beginner's started September 16th: M/W 6-7:15.
Lower intro level.  IF you have some basics, this is the class for you!

Lower Intro (4th month): M/W 7:30-8:45

Intermediate Intro: T/Th  7:15-8:30pm
Low-intermediate: Mon/Wed 5:15-6:30  

Tue/Thur 5:45 - 7:00: 

Upper Intro Mon/ Wed

Lower Advanced: T/Th

Lower intermediate: Monday nights 7:20-9:05pm. Class meets 1x per week.

Wednesdays 7:30-9:15 pm. Class meets 1x per week

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More Important Information:
  • Ongoing classes are $98 per month (under $10/hr).
  • In order to find the most appropriate class for you, please fill out this basic information form (it is NOT a test) and click submit.  From there we will either ask you more questions, or suggest a good place for you to get started. Complete Our Course Placement Questionnaire Now or scroll down to the bottom of this page to access.  PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT THE PLACEMENT QUESTIONNAIRE IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER.  SIMPLY CLICK HERE TO ENROLL IN OUT NEXT INTRO COURSE: https://www.launicatacoma.com/now-enrolling-dec-intro
  • If you get started in a class and you feel it is not the right fit, we can move you to a different class.
  • No matter when you start in the class series, you will be pro-rated for the remaining classes in the session (**No prorating or individual payments for the very first month of the new intro class).  From then on, the full monthly rate ($98) will be expected on every new continuing session pay date.

Please carefully review our Class Policy


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Fill out the questionnaire and we will fit you in the course that is right for you.
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