"Habla Español - Spanish for Educators" Self- paced independent study course    

30 clock hours or 3 Q credits. You can do the course from your home or office and have up to 6-months to complete
Part I: https://www.hol.edu/courses/habla-espanol-spanish-basics-for-educators-pt-i#sthash.h7BbkEmc.dpbs
Part II:https://www.hol.edu/courses/habla-espanol-spanish-basics-for-educators-pt-i#sthash.3nwEJqF6.dpbs

Our Independent Study course "Habla Español - Spanish for Educators" is similar to our Saturday workshop and involves no travel. It goes more in depth and is offered for 3 continuing education quarter credits (400 or 500 level) or 30 clock hours. Additionally, you have up to 6-months to complete the course and you can work on it from your home (or wherever suits you). You can sign up for it at any time, as there is ongoing enrollment. You can enroll from the site by clicking on the "Click here for details" link below. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email from Heritage and then be sent an online invoice ($30) for the materials. We then send you the coursework - a notebook with the lessons and digital audio  that take you through the notebook and exercises. Then, simply email us the required assignments and we then submit for your credit to Heritage.  We are confident you will find this to be a convenient and useful course.
Distance and online continuing education courses for K-12 teachers may be used for professional development, salary enhancement or to maintain your teaching certificate. All Heritage Institute courses are offered for Antioch University, Seattle, continuing education quarter credits. (3 quarter credits = 2 semester credits). Courses are self-paced and start any time.  While you have up to six months to complete, we find that most students complete it in 1-2 months.

I absolutely LOVED this course! If anything, it helped me not mind my mistakes so much and to just try with students and their families. When my pronunciation or verb choices were wrong, people were genuinely kind and still seemed to understand the message.
It does make me want to continue on this path of building relationships with my non-English-speaking students.

Kathleen A. Kroll-Byron
Technology Educator
Orrville Middle Schoo

Habla Español - Spanish for Educators

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