July 7th-July 20th 2019
A wonderful trip to the misunderstood but beautiful Colombia.
The only risk is wanting to stay!!

Day 1-2: BOGOTA (The Capital)

Bogota day 1
July 7th: Arrive Bogota the capital of Colombia, Santa Fé de Bogotá as it is called has a rich colonial tradition with a number of landmarks from that period preserved as historical landmarks. Transfer to Hotel by Van.  Check in unpack rest for the next’s days city view. (no group paid Dinner this evening, we will arrive late.)

July 8th: Typical Colombian breakfast made special at our hotel just for us.  Take a van to tour La Candelaria, walk around one of the beautiful Historic areas of Bogota with its cobble stone streets colorful door frames and buildings.  Visit the museum of Gold, walk around downtown and go to visit Monserratte, it rises to 3,152 meters (10,341 ft) above the sea level, where there is a church (built in the 17th century) with a shrine, devoted to "El Señor Caído" (Fallen Lord).  You get spectacular views of Bogota and its surroundings.  We walk around and explore, have a late lunch.  Return to Hotel.  Relax.  Group Dinner (1)



San felipe day 7

July 9th  --- Breakfast early.       Depart for Armenia and coffee country.  Van takes us to airport then we take a plane to Armenia.  Arrive early in Armenia.  Van takes us to a very authentic and romantic Spanish working coffee plantation. Once checked in you won’t want to leave.  Relax. Go to a working coffee Finca(farm), have a hands on tour of the farm.  Learn first hand the process and the work that goes into planting, maintaining, cultivating, and harvesting Colombian coffee.  Have a small lunch.  Return to our finca…. Relax…. Group Dinner (3)

July 10th  --- Breakfast.  Van takes us to Parque Nacional del Café.  Tour this wonderful park and learn more about the area and its environment.  Attend a musical stage show that is incredible …. Visit a small quaint town called Salento.  Great place for shopping.  Authentic artist crafts are made here and cannot be found anywhere else.   Group Dinner (4) in Salento.

July 11th --- Breakfast at the finca.  Van takes us to Balsaje por Rio, a Mark Twain type river rafting non-dangerous water adventure (be ready to get wet).    Swim in the river and be part of the incredible scenery.  Hike to some breathtaking waterfalls, take a dip and afterwards we will have lunch in the plush forest overlooking the river.   Later we return tour finca… Relax…. Group Dinner (5).


Cartagena day 6
July 12th  ---  Take a flight early to Cartagena on the north coast of Colombia.  Van takes us to our hotel.  Check in then explore the city.  Cartagena has many wonderful things to see.  Cartagena is a city for walking, and its historic walled district feels like a Moroccan medina, with 300-year-old Spanish colonial buildings huddled along brick streets. The palette is saturated with deep blue, dusty rose, burnt orange and ochre. Cool sea breezes and plenty of shade make the old city feel quite comfortable even in the90-degree heat.  Take a city tour to get to know your surroundings.  Reunite in the evening for Group Dinner (6).

Visit the Castillo de San Felipe, a must see, a huge fort built over the 17th and 18th centuries by the Spanish (or, more precisely, their slaves) to defend the port’s terrestrial flank. We will start early before the sun broils everything. The fortress contains an ant farm of hidden tunnels that you can explore with or without a guide. Walk around and explore the old part of the city in the late afternoon reunite for Group Dinner (7).

July 14th ---Breakfast early.  We take an optional day trip (not included in total price) to the Islas del Rosario.  The Islas del Rosario, also referred to as Corales Islas del Rosario, is an archipelago located off the coast of Colombia, approximately 1 hour from Cartagena.  It is one of the 46 Natural National Parks of Colombia. The coral reefs host a great variety of sea fauna and flora, with abundance of colorful fish, corals and plants.  Enjoy a relaxing day of white sands and green/blue waters.  We will have lunch on the island.  Bring your bathing suit.  Many water activities available.  Return to Cartagena in the late afternoon.  Reunite in the evening for Group Dinner (8).


July 15th   --- Breakfast early.    Check out of our hotel and take our transportation to Santa Marta.  Travel along the scenic route and arrive at our hotel.  Check in. Tour the city of Santa Marta. The oldest city in Colombia, romantic Santa Marta is fringed by beautiful beaches and the stunning mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta range. Ancient ruins take cover in the lush mangrove forests of Tayrona National Park, the perfect spot for a day hike. Snorkel along vibrant reefs, then make your way to a café for a multicultural meal that incorporates the flavors of Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. When the sun goes down, the nightlife kicks up its heels in the bars and discos of the Parque de Los Novios. We will also spend time in the historical center.    Group Dinner (9).

July 16th  --- Take transportation to Tayrona Park. The park offers a big variety of Flora and Fauna because it includes two ecosystems between the mountain and the sea. It boasts fascinating wildlife including red howler and titi monkeys, red woodpeckers, iguanas, jaguars (which are rarely seen as they hunt at night), a variety of lizards, tropical marine life, and more than 400 species of birds, such as eagles, and condors. The vegetation is characterized by the ecological influence and the rain depending on the sector, from tropical dry forest to coral reefs. Spend the day touring the park.  Group dinner (10)

Day 10 tayrona park


Day 11 minca minca
July 17th ---- Early morning touring Tayrona Park.  Lunch.  Take transportation to Minca. Minca is a small village inhabited by 800 people at an elevation of 650m in the Sierra Nevada above Santa Marta. It is famous for its organic coffee and has a much cooler temperature than the heat at Santa Marta. The village is charming.  Visit coffee and beer plantations and walk through nature c Group dinner (11)

July 18th  ---- Spend the day in Minca.  Minca attracts the naturalist and the adventurer. It's a great for hiking, mountain-biking, bird-watching and other outdoor activities, offering fresh mountain breeze, waterfalls, over 300 bird species nearby and spectacular views and sunsets. For such a small town Minca has a really diverse and interesting history. Spend more time getting to know Minca.  Group dinner (12)


July 19th -- Depart early for our return to Cartagena and our flight back to Bogota. (No group paid dinner)

July 20th ---Early departure by van to the airport.  Fly home to the USA
Day 14 fly home

Trip Details

 **Times are approximate and subject to change **There may be some slight alterations **A More Detailed Itinerary coming soon. 

                                    The Total Cost for the trip is $4,785.00 per person.
This includes all airfares, Hotels (based on double occupancy, single occupancy can be done, but will cost $325.00 more)
Included in the trip price:
  • Round trip international airfare to and from Seattle.
  • International transfer transaction fees for payments.
  • All domestic flights in Colombia.
  • All Upper scale ****Hotels (based on double occupancy, if you want single occupancy it will cost $325.00 more). 
  • All group transportation; buses; trains; vans, boats.
  • All group tours/permits/excursions.
  • Bilingual tour guides.
  • Breakfasts; 12 Dinners, one a show.
  • Entrance fees to the museums and archeological sites  
  • Tips with dinners
  • We will also have an informational gathering prior to the trip to which will include dinner; this is announced at later time

Not included in the trip price:
  • lunches not mentioned as part of a tour; you will have to pay for your lunches unless otherwise stated
  • Optional day tour to Isla del Rosario.  (If you are interested I will let you know the price at the timeIt’s not expense and well worth it. J)
  • tips for drivers and guides
  • beverages and tips for beverages
  • entrance and exit taxes.  
  • Museum entrances and transportation, you choose to take.

**If you are interested in paying by Credit Card let me know.  There is also a payment plan available.  See the Registration form.

***ANY QUESTIONS, CONTACT ME AT:    isistaba@gmail.com
          ph:  253-219-4924