Next Adult Intro Starts January 14th

Next Adult Intro Starts January 14th
About the next Intro class:
Our classes progress in 4-week increments (for reasonable payment purposes and to not obligate participants to pay for more than a month out). 

Next Intro starts January 14th 2019 and will meet M/W from 6:15-7:30pm

You will move to a higher level each month and have the option of continuing (during the same days and times). The class rate is $98 per month. No prior Spanish experience necessary. This a fun and interactive course that includes enjoyable, comfortable and non-threatening teacher-guided activities with a balanced focus on comprehension, conversation (speaking), reading, writing and grammar. Participants can expect to obtain the fundamental tools to express him or herself in Spanish while being able to acquire information in the language.  1st month dates: January 14th - February 6th. Continuing/2nd Month: February 11th - March 6th.  Subsequent class schedule to be provided to the students who are still with this class.